Competences and employment

Students will be able to apply for high-level PhD programmes and to pursue a career in academic or independent research centres, or to envisage a career as engineers and managers in the industrial research and development, in the fields of emerging technologies.

More specifically the competencies and learning outcomes acquired with this master will be:

  • Knowledge of the most advanced concepts and tools in accelerator physics, lasers and laser plasma interaction and their applications in energy, medicine or security diagnosis. For example, students will gain the necessary knowledge to design and operate an hybrid machine such as a laser plasma accelerator (a very compact accelerator compared to conventional ones), a free electron laser seeded by optical laser (this is done to increase the temporal stability and robustness of the light source), or a proton therapy centre;
  • Basic knowledge in data science applied to the above-mentioned fields;
  • Knowledge of the topmost research facilities and industrial sites in the European Union;
  • Competencies in using a scientific approach to problem solving in fundamental research or for applications;
  • Ability to gather and organise relevant information and to critically scrutinize the result of one’s’ own work;
  • Skills in literature searching and writing reports and articles;
  • Knowledge in science management and business, entrepreneurial skills;
  • Communication skills for developing networks at an international level with academics and companies (SMEs, large companies);
  • Critical thinking, creativity and risk-taking.