General description

A two-year master in Large Scale Accelerators and Lasers

The LASCALA master aims at training experts in the most advanced experimental and theoretical tools and concepts in accelerators, high power lasers and associated advanced sources, as well as in their applications for science and society. The LASCALA master was created in the frame of the European university alliance for Global Health - EUGLOH, coordinated by Paris-Saclay University, with Lund University and the University of Szeged as partners. The students will be ready to develop innovative ideas and enterprises related to large scale facilities. This course addresses an increasing demand for highly skilled scientists and engineers ready to contribute to this adventure and enter the job market with solid skills.

The programme includes classes, tutorials, project- and research-based trainings. Students will take advantage of seminars by international speakers, up-to-date technology demonstrations, as well as visits and practices on large scale facilities (e.g. Synchrotron SOLEIL, Pettawatt laser APOLLON, Proton Therapy Centre of Orsay, Lund Laser Centre, MaxIV synchrotron, ELI-ALPS laser facility, SPARC particle accelerator, FLAME multiterrawatt laser, CERN, etc.)

Students must complete their training with a 6-month internship in the academic sector or in the industry.

An intensive summer school also fosters the students' entrepreneurial skills including economy management, communication, patent law, and technology transfer courses so they can face the job market.

The strong partnership with SMEs and research & innovation centres allows the students to strengthen their professional skills and build their international network.